About TriangleLCA

Leading the life cycle assessment field with free open source software and engineering based consulting, Triangle Life Cycle Assessment has the capabilities to ensure cost- effective environmental solutions.  Drawing on years of experience in the engineering and life cycle assessment fields, we have the skills and resources required to provide the most innovative environmental solutions.


Triangle Life Cycle Assessment Goals:

  • Preserve Earth’s natural resources for future generations
  • Foster public awareness of environmental concerns
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental degradation
  • Connect companies with environmentally-conscious consumers through environmental accountability and product transparency
  • Leverage industry and consulting skills to support academic research
  • Harness intellectual capital of experienced researchers and industry leaders to create innovative environmental solutions
  • Promote life cycle assessment with the intent for widespread use and application


We hope you share our vision of creating a world where we understand our impacts and search for ways to reduce them.  Understanding how our choices affect the environment is the first empowering step towards a more sustainable world.