Environmental Product Declaration

The International Standards Organization (ISO) standardized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an LCA based tool which communicates the environmental performance of your product or system as compared with your competitors. The EPD is based on an LCA which considers all environmental impacts associated with a product or service (from raw material acquisition to product disposal). Having certified EPDs allows for your company will help gain customer trust and increase the net worth of your company. Research suggests that having a positive environmental perception associated your business can increase the net worth by 30%.

Imagine a world without nutrition fact labels…

It would be nearly impossible to discern between two brands of competing pasta without proper nutrition labeling. The health conscious consumer stares pensively at one package…and then the other. “Our pasta is vitamin fortified” written in bright letters, popping across the glossy package.

The other reads “Daily recommended fiber in ONE serving!”

The health conscious consumer wants, and even needs, both vitamins and daily recommended fiber, and both pastas may actually contain sufficient amounts of both. Only without the proper labeling, the consumer is unable to make an effective decision between purchasing one product over the other. The consumer cannot determine whether or not one product will satisfy their needs over the other. Unfortunately, the decision to purchase one product over the other will be the result of branding, price, or a combination of the two, essentially leaving the decision to chance.

Fortunately, this world no longer exists and we have nutrition fact labels to distinguish one commercial product from the other. Each consumer can easily interpret for themselves what the impact of a particular product will have on their overall health. The EPD works much the same way. By providing your products with an EPD, the consumer can easily determine their environmental impact as a result of purchasing and consuming your product.

Stand above the competition with confidence!

The EPD is generated using an internationally recognized, standardized methodology. The Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14025) allows for an unbiased form of quality assurance through a quantitative analysis. First a thorough set of Product Category Rules (PCR) are developed for you and your competitor’s respective products. These rules (directly controlling data collection and calculations) ensure that the analysis is performed exactly the same way for each product. Furthermore, this easily repeatable analysis can be performed by any other third party to continuously validate any claims made regarding the environmental impact of the product.

No exceptions.

We understand that you work hard to create an environmentally sustainable product, and it’s absolutely necessary to communicate your commitment through your products’ EPD. The Life Cycle Assessment allows you to effectively communicate to the consumer, with confidence, the environmental performance and benefit of your product over your competitors’.