Presentations and Reports

Integrated Supply Chain, Delivered Cost and Life Cycle Analysis of Cellulosic Feedstocks for Bio-Based Energy In the Southern U.S.

Jesse Daystar, Carter Reeb, Ronalds Gonzalez, Richard Venditti, Steve Kelley
American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCA XII, Tacoma Washington
September 25 – 27, 2012




LCA of bioethanol production via the thermochemical conversion pathway 
Forest Products Society’s 65th International Convention, June 19-21, 2011, Portland, Oregon.
Jesse Daystar, Richard Venditti, Hasan Jameel, Mike Jett.


Bioethanol from Lignocellosic Feedstocks: A life cycle Assessment of the Thermochemical Conversion Pathway
Forest Products Society international convention, June 3rd,Washington DC. CORRIM Special Session
Jesse Daystar, Carter Reeb, Richard Venditti, Ronalds Gonzalez



Piedmont Biofuels Life Cycle Assessment Report, 2011
Piedmont biofuels life cycle assessment study presentation,
Triangle Life Cycle Assessment